People LOVE to say….


When you grow up as a Christian, if you’re like me, you are constantly wondering How does God love me ALL the time? It’s impossible to love someone all the time. I especially thought this when I was a teenager. I didn’t like everyone, much less love everyone everyday every minute. As I got older, I could semi understand, because I loved my parents more. Then, Ken came along, and I loved him pretty much all the time.

Now people love to say, “just wait until you have kids.” But now I understand. Most people who are reading this probably know me pretty well. Most of y’all probably have been around and experienced Ward as well. He’s wide open, wild, stubborn, strong willed, but he also has completely taught me about God’s like be for me. I love both of my children all of time of course. It’s unconditional. However Ward’s personality is more like mine and I’ve started looking at it in the way I look at my relationship with God.

His personality makes him infuriating and exhausting and overjoys me all at the same time. I can only imagine this is how He feels about me. God is probably like “Gosh, how can someone who goes against me daily and wants to do what she wants to do, no matter what, how can I love her still so much?” I ask myself this daily, “How do I love him so much it hurts when he makes me so….tired?” There is only one answer. God first loved me, so this is how I know what true love looks like. And I’ve found that in Ward.


PSA: I do love Walker extra hard, but this is Ward’s blog. If it was Walker’s I would just say, “Little W was sweet again today. 🙂




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