Thy Will Be Done


Tomorrow, November 5th will mark two days since a day that forever changed our lives, the day we found out that we had been matched with a birthmom, who eventually would give us our sweet Ward.

The year leading up to this sweet, life-changing day was one that was marked by several significant events, not necessarily good either. I know that they say that hindsight is twenty/twenty but as I look back over the year that we went through the adoption process I see several things.

  1. I learned that everything was not about me. Through sickness and tragedy, I really learned to look at things from other people’s points of view and to put others before myself. I remember one Saturday I had to “give up” my day of doing important things like watching football and walking at the Y to go visit with my great grandmother. She died a couple of months later. I wish I had put her over myself a little more nowadays.
  2. I learned that love answers all questions I had so many questions that year. Will I have a baby? Will we be matched with a birthmom? How will I handle the deaths of these people that I love? I realized that through this all, I needed to love. Love everyone(EVERYONE) no matter what they looked like, or what they could do for me, but that love conquers all. I would like to consider myself more loving these days. Ward and Walker can’t talk yet, so they can’t prove me wrong. 😉
  3. The most important thing that I learned on this day is no matter what, Thy Will Be Done. I am one of the most worrying people on the planet. Well, let me take that back, I WAS one of the most worrying people on the planet. Y’all, on this day, when my world was completely turned upside down, it’s like God(the Holy Spirit) said, “Don’t worry, Stace. I’ve got this. My will WILL be done.” And since then, I have repeated this phrase to myself pretty much everyday. All through the ten day waiting period, people would say “Aren’t you worried she will change her mind?” I think my mom came close to an anxiety attack. The whole while, I was calm. I had learned through  the sickness and death and tragedy and hope and joy that the past year had brought, I just knew that His will would be done no matter what.

November is Adoption Awareness Month. It’s also the month I get to celebrate my little adoption blessing. I encourage all of you this month, be thankful. Be thankful that we serve a sovereign God that even when things don’t go the way you think they should, His will is done. I also encourage you this month to choose life. Support adoption and just support the love that adoption encourages. plan


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