How to go on vacation with children(if you have to)


This summer, so many people are going on vacation. As a family, we have already been on two beach trips. This past week, we were at the beach for a week. The weather was glorious, the food was delicious, the water was just right, and…..we had our children. As cute and adorable as they were playing in the sand and jumping in the pool, I have some tips for some of you that are going on vacation soon and have young children.

1. Find the darkest, deepest closet and put your pack n plays in there. One of our children was in a bathroom. Perfect. The other was in the middle of our room. He had such a hard time. We moved him into a closet with no light coming in anywhere, and he slept for thirteen hours a night.

2. Make sure the place you are staying has a washer and dryer. Then, only take three outfits. I packed for like a week straight. Seriously. Then, I get to the beach and I realized all I Needed was one bathing suit and rashguard, one Jon Jon, and one pair of pajamas. The rest of the time, all I needed was diapers. Babies, especially little boys can go without clothes for days. The only time they need clothes on is when their picture if being taken.

3. Bring a babysitter. Everyone wants a vacation, including Mom and Dad. If you bring a babysitter, then you can spend time with the kids when they are being so cute and adorable and fun. Then, the babysitter can spend time with them the rest of the time.

4. Don’t go on vacation if you have children 8 months apart. This one is most likely just for me.

Do any of you have any other tips you can think of for vacationing with kids? SHare them with me!