Mom hurts.


I have always been compassionate. I have always especially been drawn to helping children. But now, after having my own children, things seem to just affect me more. As a teacher, I feel that this helps me. I think to myself, “How would I feel if this was my child?” (Sometimes, the answer is I would be mortified and they would be getting spanked!) As a person, this has affected me in ways I never imagined. When I hear about other children being hurt, abused, sick, or any situation that could be my child, I just hurt. Like almost a physical, sickening feeling. You always put your child into that situation. It could be my child in the emergency room for RSV today. It could be my child being diagnosed with Leukemia last night. It could have been my child, if not placed with Ken and I, that could have had multiple broken bones from abuse. Things just hurt more as a Mom. So, to all you Moms out there(and Dads too), I ask you to just stop where you are and pray for someone else’s children. If you’re like me, you pray for your children daily. I pray for the Ws’ safety, their character, this health, their life ahead of them, but I hardly ever stop to pray for someone else’s child. As a mom, I can imagine that no matter whose child you choose to pray for, their is something that is hurting them, either the child or the mother. I think it’s time we start praying more for other moms as well! Well, because sometimes, no one knows it, but Mom is hurting.


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