Proving myself wrong.


When I found out I was pregnant, I was so worried about my five day old. “I want him to be my baby forever.” is apparently what I said, while crying hysterically. It was not my finest moment, and my sweet husband will never let me forget it I am sure. 🙂 I was worried though. I just had this wonderful, sweet, beautiful thing happen to me, and here I was about to rock his world in about 8 months. I wanted my baby to stay my baby.

Here I am, 9 months later. I have a two week old in my lap and my sweet almost nine month old is napping in his crib. It’s beautiful, guys. I have learned that not only do I still love my baby. He is still my baby, and I appreciate him even more now I think. I love the time that I have with just him. I love when I get to pick him up from daycare and even when I am bathing him. He’s so great and nothing makes me happier than having TWO sweet baby boys!!


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