All I can do


Let me tell you. I am in complete awe of those of you that stay at home with your babies. Don’t get me wrong, I have LOVED being at home with my Dubby this summer, but the days he goes to daycare are also nice. I mean, I can do things like go to the grocery store and get my hair cut. It’s fabulous!

Sometimes, the days that he stays at home get to be long, long days. Right now, he is in a stage where he can roll over and he wants to crawl, so once he gets rolled over, he gets frustrated because he can’t move. And he cries. Also, he has been a little spoiled this summer(imagine that) and now, he is really regressing on being able to entertain himself. He used to be entertained on his own for thirty minutes, but now, it is more like 5. And then he cries. On these days, it is very easy for me to become frustrated. There have been times where he is crying, I can’t do anything about it besides holding him the whole day, which I refuse to do mainly because in 6 weeks I won’t be able to, and all I want to do is cry myself. I find myself getting frustrated with him. He is only 7 months old, but in my mind, I think he can control his emotions. (Here’s a shocker: He can’t.) These moments are hard.

Then, there are moments where we are playing, or reading, or dancing, and I can’t imagine anything in life that could be better. When he smiles at me with all those teeth he has, (that could be part of his fussiness) I just forget about the 2 hours that he spend crying and fighting sleep earlier

The point of this blog is this PSA to all moms. I have “kind of” figured out something. When I get in the bed in the evening, as exhausted as I usually am, I always think back on the day. If you’re like me, you usually think of the times you were frustrated or the times when you yelled or cried. I’ve started doing this instead. I ask myself: How can you be a better mom tomorrow? Then, I pray and ask God to help me be a better mom tomorrow, and surprisingly, I can sleep well knowing that I am at least trying. That’s really all our children need from us. They don’t need a perfect mom that plays on the floor with them all of the time, or a mom who never loses her temper. They need a mom that vows at the end of the day to try and be a better mom the next day. And if the next day comes, and you aren’t that better mom, don’t beat yourself up. Just pray and try again the next day.

Disclaimer: This is just my personal opinion. If you don’t feel the same as me, well, that’s okay. That’s why this is my blog. 🙂