The best part about being a Mom. (In my opinion at least)


beachEver since Ward was born, there have been so many great things about being his Mama. I love getting to snuggle with him, getting to dress him, seeing him laugh for the first time, trying all sorts of new things like the beach and eating bananas with him, and even just showing him off to all of my friends. (He’s so dang cute, how could I not show him off!?)

Of all of these new “Mom” things that I am getting to do though, there is one part of motherhood that I think is the absolute best. The best part is how much love and trust your baby has in you. Last night, as I was laying with Ward beside me feeding him his bedtime bottle, it struck me that right now, Ken and I are the ones that Ward fully and completely relies on. You can see the love and adoration on his face when he looks at us. You know he feels completely safe when he snuggles up next to you on the couch. We are the ones who can make him feel better when he is crying, we are the ones who can make his hunger go away. It’s completely flattering, awe-inspiring, and crazy.

So, my favorite part of being Ward’s(and soon Walker’s) Mama is knowing that right now, and at least for a couple of years, I am the most important, loved person in their lives. It’s a huge responsibility too!


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