The best part about being a Mom. (In my opinion at least)


beachEver since Ward was born, there have been so many great things about being his Mama. I love getting to snuggle with him, getting to dress him, seeing him laugh for the first time, trying all sorts of new things like the beach and eating bananas with him, and even just showing him off to all of my friends. (He’s so dang cute, how could I not show him off!?)

Of all of these new “Mom” things that I am getting to do though, there is one part of motherhood that I think is the absolute best. The best part is how much love and trust your baby has in you. Last night, as I was laying with Ward beside me feeding him his bedtime bottle, it struck me that right now, Ken and I are the ones that Ward fully and completely relies on. You can see the love and adoration on his face when he looks at us. You know he feels completely safe when he snuggles up next to you on the couch. We are the ones who can make him feel better when he is crying, we are the ones who can make his hunger go away. It’s completely flattering, awe-inspiring, and crazy.

So, my favorite part of being Ward’s(and soon Walker’s) Mama is knowing that right now, and at least for a couple of years, I am the most important, loved person in their lives. It’s a huge responsibility too!


Oh The Places You’ll Go!


As I see all of these graduation posts, I realize that it has been 11 years since I graduated from high school. ELEVEN. YEARS. How can that be? In some ways, it feels like yesterday, but then when I think about all that has happened since then, it feels like forever.

Like everyone else, I have a little bit of unsolicited advice for all the graduates out there. Someday, (probably sooner than I can imagine) I will have to be telling Ward and then Walker these same pieces of advice. That blows my mind, but I am sure my friend, Kathryn, never thought the day would come that her baby boy would be graduating from high school either, and now he will be on Friday. Time flies, y’all. No, that’s not my advice. 🙂 I unfortunately had to learn some of this on my own. Not that my parents didn’t try to tell me, but you just don’t listen to them.

1. Don’t be stupid. Of course, I know that all 18-22 year olds are going to make a couple of dumb decisions. I made a lot. But here’s the thing. Learn from them! Don’t keep being dumb over and over again. When you make a bad decision, just change the way you make that decision the next time.

2. Find your true self and then DON’T CHANGE. In college, I had some friends that were really my friends, but at the same time, I felt that I was never really truly Stacy around them. It wasn’t until later in my college career, that I found a group(ok, maybe like 2-3 people) that I could truly be the Stacy that I was born to be. It makes life so much easier and more enjoyable when you are who you are born to be. If you like being in your pajamas at 9:00 at night eating bowls of cereal, then by all means, find someone else who does the same. And then hang out!

3. The plans you have right now are going to change, so just be flexible. In high school, I knew which college I wanted to go to, and I got in. IN college, I knew what I wanted to major in and I did it, and I even graduated in 4 years. After college, I knew I wanted a teaching job, and then I got one. Then, things got sticky. Things just didn’t work out like I planned. Things still aren’t working out as planned. But it’s all good.I just changed my way of thinking to God’s plan. It’s a little more hectic and crazy than I would like at times, but it’s still the best way to live, right in the middle of God’s will. It gets easier giving up all of the control to Him as well.

There’s a lot more advice that I could give you, but I thought these three would probably suffice. You will get plenty of other advice from your parents and your grandparents, and your professors, and a lot of other people. Choose wisely who you listen to though. Make sure it’s GOOD advice you’re following. Oh, and one more piece of advice: Always go to class, even if the cafeteria is serving pancakes for dinner which is the best meal and it only happens once a semester. I mean….I don’t know that from experience or anything. 🙂