Happy National Sibling Day!



Dear Ward,

Your daddy and I are both only children. We never had brothers and sisters to grow up with. We still had fun during childhood, but I always have been jealous of people with siblings. I watch my friends and my parents with their siblings and it just seems to be a relationship like no other. I was always close to my cousins, but even then, their relationships as siblings was different than ours. When I see all of these sibling posts on Facebook, I am torn between being sad because I never had one, and extremely grateful because I am the only child of wonderful parents.

This Sibling Day though, I do have something to look forward to. I am SO excited that you are going to get to experience the bond between siblings. Not just siblings, but brothers. Not just brothers, but brothers that are only 8 months apart. That doesn’t happen everyday you know? I can’t wait to watch you and Walker grow up together. I can’t wait to see what a great big brother you are. I can’t wait to see how Walker annoys you by being the little brother. (Remember, he’s not THAT much “littler” than you) You guys are going to have SO much fun together. You will probably get in trouble together. You will probably get into fights. Just from observing other sibling relationships though, I know that you will be closer to each other than to anyone else in this world. Your daddy and I might even feel left out sometime. Just know sweet boy, that even though our situation is a little different, we love you and your brother more than anything else in this world. You will probably love each other even more than that though.

I love you firstborn. -Mama


He is Risen.


Dear Ward,

Today is your first Easter! Your outfit is picked out(and adorable of course), your basket is filled, and you have already been on your first egg hunt. You only got one egg, but that’s okay, there is always next year. Last night, we got to spend time with some of your family who loves you so much, and today, you will see even more family. Everyone is so crazy about you sweet boy.

I am writing this to you to explain though that as fun as Easter is, it’s not all about egg hunts and baskets. I pray everyday that one day, hopefully in the next few years, you will come to know Jesus. Jesus is the real reason that we celebrate today. A long time ago, He died for you(and for me and Daddy) and then, just like he promised, he rose again to bring us eternal life. Because of Jesus, we are promised that one day we will be able to live with Him in Heaven! Isn’t that awesome!!??

I know right now you don’t quite understand all of this. You probably won’t next Easter either. That won’t stop me from telling you though, not just on Easter, but all of the time. Jesus loves you, bud. He loves you more than your Daddy and I love you, and that’s a whole lot! I can’t wait until you realize the greatness of that love all for yourself.

I hope your day today is filled with lots of family kisses and brightly colored eggs. I love you, Mama