Only one explanation.


I’m the type of person that always wants to have an answer to a question when I am asked. Sometimes, I will just make up an answer even just to have something to say when asked.  I also am the type of person that always wants to be right too, but that’s a whole other topic.

Lately, I have had one question pretty much at the forefront of my mind. Why now? Don’t get me wrong, I am STOKED that I am pregnant now, and am excited to raise Ward and his sibling so close together, but I still ask myself, Why now? What kind of plan is this?

One lesson that I think that God is trying to teach me right now(one of MANY I believe) is that sometimes the only answer to a question is: Because of God. Why did I get pregnant four weeks before having a newborn? Because of God. Why did I not find out until AFTER falling in love with my new sweet baby of five days? Because of God. The only answer to all of these questions and so many more can only be God had a hand in it.

Sometimes, these kind of situations of can not only draw us closer in, but they also draw others in as well. When others see your situations that ONLY God can be the explanation, they begin to look for these times in their lives too. I want this to happen through us. I want people to know that God is always enough, and He can do anything He wants to do. I hope this crazy, beautiful story will be able to help me share this truth.


To all of my Stay at Home Mom friends.


Dear friends,

These past 7 weeks of my life have flown by. Since Ward was born, I have been at home taking care of him all day everyday. I joke and tell Ken that I feel like he is becoming attached to me physically. These have been great weeks, I have loved getting to look into his eyes while feeding him, figuring out what calms him down and how he likes to be held, watching him sleep. However, having said that, I am ready to get back to work.

For those of you who stay at home all of the time with your babies, I applaud you! Wow. You guys must be supermoms. There are days when I would just cry and wish I was right back in my classroom. Things get REAL when you are at home all day with no other adult interactions. You all are forming such great bonds with your babies, but you are also doing all sorts of other things, like keeping a clean house, making sure everyone is fed, running errands(with multiple children sometimes), and just keeping your sanity about you. I know that not all of us could teach fourth grade either, so it just works out that I feel called to be back in my school environment.

I know that some of my stay at home mom friends feel under appreciated at times. It’s easy to feel that way I am sure!(I have felt it a couple of times just in the past seven weeks.) I just wanted to let you know that this working mom appreciates you more and more as the days go by! You’re doing a great work. Keep it up. 🙂

“Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ.” Colossians 3.23-24


Your working friend