Why worry?


Before Ward was born, I was a huge worrier. I mean, when I can’t get my parents on the phone I automatically assume the worst. When Ken is a little late getting home from work, I start calling to check on him. I mean it was bad. I knew that when I had Ward, my worrying was going to get really bad. I started praying about it a long time before we even knew about W, that my worrying would not overtake my life.

My prayers worked! For some reason, since he was born, I am not worrying about anything as much. My grandfather went into the hospital yesterday with heart problems, but I stayed cool and calm, when usually I would have almost hyperventilated. (I think it threw Ken off how little I was freaking out.) Through W’s 10 day period when I loved him so much, but he was still not legally ours, I never worried about not being able to call him mine. I knew that everything was going to be fine. Besides the fact that I have been praying for this for a while, I think another reason that I am not worrying as much actually has to do with Ward. He is my constant tangible reminder that God is always faithful. Through good times and bad, He works in His ways that always prosper us. Every time I look at Ward, I am reminded that God loves us and we should remember that at ALL times. I am so thankful for this constant reminder to not worry. 🙂


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