A letter to my present self.


Dear Stacy of right now,

I am writing you because I want you to really think about what you are doing. Right now, you have this amazing life. You have a beautiful baby boy and you are pregnant. What more can you ask for? Well, apparently, you can ask for a lot more because you also want to feel miraculously perfect during this first trimester, you want to get copious amounts of sleep, you want life to be perfect. Well, according to me, your self from two years ago, your life IS perfect.

What you’re doing right now is you are forgetting about us. Forgetting about those women that are wanting what you have right now. Two years ago you would DEFINITELY be blocking present you on Facebook right about now. You forget that while you are whining and complaining about no sleep with a newborn while feeling sick all of the time, there are people out there who are crying as they read your status updates. It’s not fair, present Stacy, because you were that woman not so long ago. How have you forgotten so quickly? All I ask is that you remember the feelings of EVERYONE as you talk about your “problems”. Your problems might seem perfect to them.

Think before you post,

Two years ago You


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