What. A. Year.


2014 has probably been the longest year of my life. Since announcing our adoption journey, I have lost two grandparents, experienced loss through friends that feel like family,finished out a school year and begun another, Ken has changed jobs, so many ups and downs through the adoption process, the matching of us with our birthmom, and finally the birth of our sweet W. During this extremely long, sometimes hard year I have learned several lessons that I am sure will last me the rest of my life.

1. God is still God. -It doesn’t matter what is going on around you or within your spirit, He is good. It took a really hard situation happening within the life of one of my really good friends to realize this. Even when we have no idea what is going on around us or why it is happening, we have to believe that God is still God. If we lose sight of this truth, our lives will collapse especially during those hard times.

2. Life isn’t fair or perfect. – Again, we don’t always know why things happen. If we were in control, things would always be perfect. Things would always be fair. But here’s the thing: We aren’t in control, He is. And HE is always fair, even when the situation doesn’t seem it.

3. Don’t try to plan because it isn’t going to work. -Even if your plans were to work out, they wouldn’t be NEARLY as glorious as God’s plans are for your life, so just give it up to Him. It will be worth it, I promise. 🙂

4. The hardest times of your life is when your witness shines the brightest. -I have had some really hard times during this past year, but during those times, my character is given a chance to show who really lives within me. I couldn’t have gotten through these times in the past 365 days if I didn’t have the spirit of God within me, so why not show his spirit during these times that are so hard?

5. Don’t let your hardships overtake you. -Basically, what I am saying in this last lesson I have learned is cry about your problem and then move on. Quit whining. Quit complaining. Pray, cry, then move on and get stronger. It’s the only way to really, truly live. I know some problems are harder than others, but I promise praying is going to help way more than whining is going to help. (I know from experience. 🙂 )

Hopefully, you can learn something from the lessons I have had to experience this past year. Most of you probably have already learned these lessons, because most of you are probably more advanced than I am. This past year has been hard, but let me tell you, it has also been the best year of my life. How could it not have been when I have this sweet boy looking up at me everyday? Happy New Year, y’all!


One thought on “What. A. Year.

  1. Cadie

    Stacy, I love your wittiness and the lessons learned you shared. God’s plans are always greater than anything we could ever try to create for our life and how much would we miss out on if everything worked out the way we wanted or planned it to? I’m thankful for those lessons in my own life. Praying for your journey as parents and for cute little W. ❤️

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