Whirlwind. (Ken’s thoughts)


I wanted to blog just to give my thoughts on these past five days as well in conjunction with Stacy’s. Firstly, I also would like to say thank you for all of the thoughts, the prayers, the support and constant showing of love that Stacy, myself and our future baby have received. It has been an almost out of body experience that we have had. We have laughed along the way, we have cried, we have been happy, we have been sad, but the entire time we had our faith in God that things would work out. It was and always will be sufficient.

This wasn’t the only happenings of these past five days. The reason why we were headed to Atlanta was to celebrate the marriage and joining of two wonderful people in Trey Balfour and Laura Fletcher. This was a wedding that Stacy and I had been so excited about for months. It was an absolutely wonderful event and we wouldn’t have missed it for the world. But, we almost did. As Stacy mentioned in her post, the birth mother wanted to meet with us on Saturday (How people don’t believe in God and that He moves at all times stupefies me). I felt a personal confliction. Clearly we had to go and do this meeting but we both wanted so badly to show our support for our friends. We were able to have a wonderful meeting in which all parties came away feeling pretty good, in my opinion. We were able to leave and get to the wedding in plenty of time to see the festivities. I think it did Stacy and I both a lot of good to clear our heads and just enjoy something that wasn’t adoption related for a few moments. Not that we aren’t happy or grateful of everything happening, but the roller coaster of emotion over the past few days has been very intense. I think I said all that to say this, Stacy, Ward and I all wish the best of luck to the Balfour’s. Marriage is tough. It is frustrating. It is not perfect. It is also, up until now, the greatest experience of my life. It’s truly great being able to share your life together with someone and grow together in Christ. I pray that for you two.

As exciting as both of these things were and are to me, the thing that I am most excited about right now happened this morning in Pensacola, Florida. I received a message from my best and oldest friend Ryan Peters. Ryan professed his love for God and decided to take that next step on his journey and was baptized.  I have known Ryan since we were twelve years old. We graduated together. We were pledge brothers together. We were initiated together and are fraternity brothers together. He was in my wedding and will be there when he puts me in the ground when I go home to meet Jesus. To say we are close is an understatement. Its wonderful knowing that we are now brothers in Christ and will be together again in the next part of our journey after this world, it wouldn’t be right any other way.


We are so proud of you. I have prayed over this decision for months. I think this passage from Luke sums it up best:“I tell you that in the same way there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who do not need to repent.”

Stacy and I look forward to the things that are coming up in our future. In reality, what is there to not be excited about?


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