Chapter two.


This blog was written by Ken. I am not ready to blog yet. If I were to blog right now, there would be a lot of words, and a lot of those words wouldn’t make sense. I promise once my mind starts working again, I will blog. Until then, here’s Ken!



(often lowercase) a long series of wanderings or adventures, especially when filled with notable experiences, hardships, etc.


It feels good to finally call you by your name. We are so close to meeting you. We are so close to having you in our home. We are so ready for this.

The word above is what we have felt like we have been on. There have been some incredible highs along our odyssey to meeting you. There have been some incredible lows. There was a constant the entire time. That was our love for you.

You will also notice the title of this blog, “Chapter II.” Mom and dad did chapter 1 without you, but starting with chapter II you will be in the story forever. We are ready to write this book with you and see where it takes you in life.

I hope you can understand how much we have thought about you, prayed for you and longed to be with you. I also hope you understand that you will not have any two better friends than us and that we will help you whenever we can. It’s only fair. Mom and I have been helped so much by all of our parents, step-parents, grandparents and friends our whole lives.

I hope that we can be to you everything that you need buddy.

We love you,

Mom and dad


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