PSA to all you SuperMoms


Somewhere around the age of 21, I became a little bit of a perfectionist overachiever. Unfortunately for my mom and dad, I was a junior in college before this trait set in, but since then, I have always wanted to be the best. If I do something, I want it to be the best, perfect. All I can think about right now, with a baby on the way, is how I want to be the perfect Mom. How am I going to overachieve as a Mom? When I send out my baby’s birth announcement, it will be the cutest picture ever with the most perfect bible verse on it. When I plan my baby’s first birthday, it will be the most creative, fun birthday party people have ever been to. When it is my baby’s first Halloween, they will have the most perfect baby costume ever. (If Ken has his way, they will be Batman. Boy or girl.) All of these things keep running through my head. Over and over. I also talk to friends of mine who are already moms, and they feel the same. They want their child’s snacks to be cute, healthy, and appropriately themed before sending them to preschool. They want their child to have the best first day of school outfit or look the cutest in their class picture. Thankfully, my best friend, Katie, is not one of these moms. Her exact words when she sent me Conrad’s picture on picture day were “I forgot it was picture day so he is wearing his Super Grover tshirt.” Another quote from Katie(whom I can learn a lot from!) was “I dressed myself in green for St. Patrick’s Day but I forgot to put C in green.” I mean, can yall see why I love this girl? Anyway, I digress. Moms out there who are worried about being Super Moms, don’t stress. Your child is going to be awesome no matter what. They need you. They don’t need the best Halloween costume or the healthiest lunch. They need your time. They don’t need the most extravagant birthday party.

To myself I say: Stacy, all your child needs is a loving mom that shows Jesus to them. Thankfully, I had that from Deb in spades, even if she didn’t bring cupcakes to my class for my birthday. She showed Jesus to me through her love for me and for others. My main responsibility is to do the same. As I grow closer to meeting my baby, I also am growing closer to my God. My prayer for myself everyday is that I forget about the world’s standards that I set for myself as a Mom(it’s exhausting to try to live up to my own standards) and that I am able to live up to God’s standards that He has for me as a Mom. My main responsibility when my baby arrives is that he/she sees Jesus through me and comes to know Him.


2 thoughts on “PSA to all you SuperMoms

  1. And you know that’s the only thing that parents will be accountable to God for. Did they introduce them to Jesus? I know you both will do an awesome job in showing God’s love and teaching your child about the love of Jesus. By the way, I did take cupcakes one time but I think you were two and you forgot about them. Oops. I may can take the cupcakes from Marmie.

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