Matthew 6. 25-27: GUEST blogger!


Hello wee one,

Daddy here again. I wanted to tell you I love you and have been praying for you constantly in the past few days. The closer it gets to meeting you and you being a part of our lives, the better my attitude becomes.

Even though I have so many great things going for me right now there is one thing I have always struggled with and undoubtedly always will: anxiety.

You will experience this at some point. You will become anxious when you have to take your first test in school, when you are cheering on your favorite team and the game is close at the very end, when you get your first kiss. Being anxious is part of life unfortunately, sometimes it is a good feeling, and mostly it is a crippling feeling.

Your daddy unfortunately has been experiencing the more crippling variety lately. While I could feel like this is a terrible thing and just dwell on all of the negative things but instead I’ve found so many positives from it. These feelings have caused me to reaffirm my relationship with God. I know that without Him I have nothing. I know that through Him I have everything I need.

I hope I can help to instill to you from an early age how important it is to have a relationship with God. I hope that your passion for Him will be at the forefront of all of your decisions in life.  Anxiety is something of this world. It is something meant to bring you down. A relationship with God is not of this world. It is meant to bring great things.

I love you. -Daddy


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