House United.


Dear little one, 

Fall is going to be a really confusing time in your life for a few years. There will be times when your Daddy is yelling and going crazy. (Hopefully, he won’t be saying anything really ugly in earshot of you, but he might, so get ready.) Then, there will be times when I am yelling and going crazy.(I will get even more loud and crazy if we are at Standaddy’s house.) It will seem like the people on the TV can actually hear us, but they can’t. We know this, but we are still going to yell at them like they can. I will always always always be dressed in red and black on Saturdays and your Daddy will constantly be in orange and blue. Sometimes, I will be in one room watching one TV, and your daddy will be in another room watching another TV. Most Saturdays, there won’t be a lot of talking between the two of us until all TVs are off for the night. This is called football season. You see, I am a born and bred UGA bulldog and your Daddy is a Florida Gator(true fan.) We don’t agree on football. Now having said that, usually we get along really well, as long as UGA and Florida aren’t playing each other. That’s a whole other story that you will just have to wait and experience. Just know that on Saturdays in the Fall, life at our house basically stops at 12:00 noon.

Even though your daddy and I don’t agree on football teams, we agree on most everything else in life. We agree that hard work is the key to success. We agree that we never want to be in the position to have to rely financially on anyone else. We agree that God comes first and foremost in our house(even above football.) We agree that we both play a big role in making our marriage work and being a happy, loving couple. We also definitely agree that you will be the best thing to ever happen to either one of us. Know that we are always on each others’ team. Sometimes, people that love each other just have to agree to disagree though. That’s what happens during football season around here,(especially the last weekend of October!) We can’t wait until you grow old enough to decide what team you will be a fan of!

Love, Mama(Go dawgs!) 😉  


2 thoughts on “House United.

  1. carolebrett

    Did you say orange and blue? Did you say “GATORS” ????? On an adoption blog??? Oh no!!! You’re ruined! 😦 Just kiddin’!
    Black and red, blue and orange…You’ll be great parents! Will your baby be red and gold or blue and gold on Fri. nights? I know that’s a loaded question….maybe just gold??? Continuing to look forward with confidence and faith to hearing good news!

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