Different people, different callings.


When I tell people what I do for a living, they usually 1. think it’s awesome and 2. say something like “I could never teach school.” That’s so true. So many people couldn’t go into a classroom and make it as a teacher. I am by no means saying my job is the hardest job in the world. I could never do the job of a nurse, or a banker, or by all means, I could never do anything where I had to work outside. Different people are called to do different things in life, and I feel that I have been called to be a teacher. I feel like it is God’s purpose in my life. 

Along the same lines, Ken and I were called about a baby that was available for adoption a few weeks ago. (This has really been the first time that things have calmed down enough to blog since.) This baby would have been a private adoption because a friend of ours was called about this baby because she had expressed interest in adopting a baby.  She and her husband couldn’t take this baby because they have a ten month old, so she called me. THAT was an interesting phone call. It was exciting and nervewracking all at once! The baby was born with a hole in his heart as a result of substance abuse with the mother. A hole in the heart can close up with no problem, or it can be a sign of down syndrome. As our friend described the situation to me, I was concerned. I called Ken to tell him and ask him about his opinion. He, being the level headed man that he is said that we should pray about it, which is what we did. In the end, (as you might have figured out) we decided that we were not called to adopt this baby. Sadly, it wasn’t the baby for us. 

There are people out there that are called to adopt children with special needs. These people are such blessings. Ken and I do not feel called to this, nor do we have the financial or emotional capabilities to do this. It’s heartbreaking, but being in the adoption process has taught me a lot of things. One thing is that you pray constantly. Pray about every decision. Pray about every situation that arises. Pray for yourself and everyone else that is involved in the process with us. So that’s what we decided to do for this baby. We decided to pray for him and his adoptive parents that got this special gift. That’s the least we can do! If you will, join me in praying for this baby boy in Savannah who needs a lot of care and attention and love right now. 


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