Closure- By a guest blogger!


If you clicked the link this week to read something beautiful that Stacy wrote you will be sadly disappointed. Stacy has let me write something for her this go round. I casually joked around about this thought two weeks ago, only to find out that it would be something that Stacy was ecstatic about.

The title of my article is a personal one for me. Closure isn’t exactly an easy concept if you think about it. Most people have a difficult time finding this feeling in life due to all of the other easier feelings that register: anger, fear, rage, sadness, incompleteness, denial and any other emotion that takes very little effort to produce. But, closure (or acceptance) is something that doesn’t come without trying.

This weekend was my ten year high school reunion. This was something I was very apprehensive about going back to. Quite the opposite, Stacy and I stayed with two of our best friends in the world, I was home, and I was going to see some people that I shared so many wonderful memories with. The thing I wasn’t looking forward to was feeling those feelings of inadequacy that you feel when you are ages 14-18. It’s funny, after all of these years, all of the experiences and relationships; it’s easy to revert to being a child.

One of the main topics that I was asked about was our impending adoption of you, my soon to be best friend. The mere thought of you this weekend was a giant bright spot in a spot of your dad’s biggest weakness: Letting go. You helped me let go and to forget all of those things I felt all of those years ago. I want you to know that one day you will be in my same shoes and things will be very confusing for you. I know that with your mother’s infectious spirit and conversation skills you won’t be stuck with my less than stellar social skills. So, you’re going to have great friends. These will be one of the greatest treasures of this world.

I hope that you figure out that there will be things in this world that won’t be fair. There will be things that will not go your way. There will be things that are absolutely crushing to you. There will also be faith, hope and love for you from me, your mother, all of our families and your mom and dad’s friends who beam anytime they talk to us about you. As I sit here typing to you and thinking about the wonderful friends that I’ve been blessed with in this world I am beginning to tear up. We love you and are ready to let you be our new best friend, we’re ready to beam at you now.

“Beauty of whatever kind, in its supreme development, invariably excites the sensitive soul to tears.”


One thought on “Closure- By a guest blogger!

  1. Baby Hayes will be blessed beyond measure to have both of you for parents. The love of Jesus will make them know that everything will be good. (In the long run) Can’t wait to see your face, Baby Hayes. 🙂

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