Pity Party.


You know, sometimes, you just have to have things put into perspective. 

Six months ago-

Wait, no let’s go back farther. A year ago, I was sitting in the same spot on my couch, but my life was a lot different. I was getting ready to go back to school, but my mind was consumed with other things, mainly trying to have a baby. There were so many days when I was sad and consumed by these thoughts. I was really struggling. To be honest, I didn’t trust God, which in turn made me feel even worse because I was doubting. Things were just hard. 

Okay, now, six months ago, my sweet great grandma died. I really and truly never thought the day would come. I knew it was weird to be 27 and still have a great grandmother, but I never thought about losing her. On that day, I realized that my problems weren’t that bad. (We had already announced the adoption by this point.)

After that day, I began to really look around. A couple of weeks later, tragedy struck one of my good friend’s family. It was close enough to me that it affected me tremendously. My “problems” continued to shrink. A month later, a member of our life group and a good friend of ours was killed on the job at an industrial plant. He left behind a wife and three precious children(who are now our godchildren). By this point, I was thanking God that I had the “problems” that I had. 

No matter how stressful my days are, even when our agency closed and we lost a great deal of money, I was never really stressed. You know why? Because a pity party isn’t any fun. I have watched people struggle through things that are harder than I have ever been through in my life and they are strong. They inspire me. They have taught me that while yes, my struggle is real and it really does(or did) hurt, it can’t bring you down. You’ve got to get up. Leave that pity party and get the real party! I LOVE a good party! 🙂 


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