Big week!


This week has been pretty exciting for us. Because of this I have forgotten to blog about the excitement. 

On Tuesday, we received the fee schedule for Open Door. This tells us when we have to pay what. On our fee schedule, we found out we received a 3000 dollar scholarship from the agency. We are so blessed by this! We don’t know why or how we received the scholarship, BUT we will take it! 🙂 

I forgot to tell you all of this because of what came next this week. We found out that Ken got a new job! He is now the electronic and online banking consultant for Farmers and Merchant’s bank. He is excited and so am I. He was sad to leave Synovus after almost ten years with them and some great relationships, but we both felt that this change was the best for our family. Also, he has a gap between leaving his job at Commercial and beginning his job at FMB, so now we have the last week of my summer vacation to spend together! We are also going to the beach next weekend with some great friends to celebrate the end of summer and Ken’s new job. We can’t wait. 

I wanted to share all of the big news of the Hayes household with you all! Also, I am asking you to pray for us. We still haven’t received our lifebooks back from our other agency. This is stressing me out and making me sad since we have to order new ones for our new agency. Please pray that either a. we will get our books back or b. I won’t be so stressed about not getting them back. 🙂 


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