Celebration time!


Last night was a really big night in the Hayes house. WE GOT TO GO TO BARBERITO’S. Barberito’s is my favorite place in the whole entire world. When I have a bad day, Ken asks if I want to go to Barb’s. When we have had a good day, we go to Barb’s. We used to eat at Barberito’s every Sunday night before Ken left to go back to Leesburg when we were dating. It’s just our place. (Along with Waffle House. 🙂 ) 

Last night, the Barberitos trip was extra special though. We have finished our part of the adoption. Last night was the last homestudy visit with our caseworker. We have had a series of three visits where we got to sit with Sandy, our Caseworker and answer questions about ourselves and our families along with how we plan to raise our child. These sessions have actually been fun, getting to know each other better and Sandy of course too! But, we were glad to be done, because now we are done with what we have to do for the adoption. (Minus the payments!) 

Now, our WONDERFUL caseworker, Sandy will start writing our homestudy, it will be processed and then, we will be placed in the “active pool.” This means that we will be ready to be matched with our birth mother and then will get our baby about two or three months after being matched. We can’t WAIT to see the rest of this journey through. We are praying consistently for our birthmother, our baby, and for ourselves. Even though we are done with the work that we have to do, the waiting could be the hardest part. If you will, please pray for our patience. (Especially mine!) I have been really good so far, but please pray that I will stay confident and know that God is faithful and WILL bring this baby to us. Thank you ALL for your support these past months. We wouldn’t have made it this far without. 


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