Birds of a feather.


When talking to our agency on Wednesday, one thing that we would have to do(not necessarily before we are matched with a child) is to go to a training session. These sessions are held on a Friday and ALL adopting parents are required to attend. The meeting is all about adoption(of course!) but it’s also about how to take care of a newborn and ways to talk about adoption with your child.

The more I think about this session, the more excited I am to go to it. One reason I think it will be good to go to is Ken and I(ESPECIALLY Ken) really know nothing about newborns. I mean what are you supposed to do with them when they won’t stop crying? How are they supposed to sleep, on their stomachs or backs? So. Many. Questions. Hopefully, this meeting will give us some information that will be useful to us so we won’t totally just mess things up. I was explaining to a friend today that if our baby comes quickly, I don’t know if I will be ready. I mean pregnant women get a constant reminder of how their lives are about to completely change forever and ever, but when I look down at my stomach I see no reminder. I mean, it could be that one day I am going about my day, working out, eating ice cream and such, and the next day I could be meeting my baby. I mean, really. Crazy. Hopefully, this meeting will make sure I remember that I will soon be responsible for another person. 🙂

Another reason I am excited about this meeting, which is probably happening in October, is there will also be about 6 or 7 other adoptive couples there with us, learning the same things. This is awesome to me, because these people are going through the exact same thing we are going through. They might not be anything like us, but they are in the same boat. They get it. The other night at my bible study, all of the girls were sharing their sweet(slightly terrifying) birth stories. I began to realize that the majority of my really good friends have children(One is due in October. YAY!) They have all had that experience, and as close as some of them and I are, we will never be able to talk about the craziness that goes along with both of our experiences. I probably won’t ever be able to sympathize with someone who was in labor for 18 hours but then forgot about all of the pain of childbirth as their child was put into their arms. I probably won’t ever have to make the choice of a natural childbirth or having an epidural. (BTW, I am pro-meds.) My friends, that I am able to talk to about ANYTHING(for the most part, I am still a private person. 🙂 ) will probably never be able to sympathize with agency fees, or agency closings, or all of the crazy paperwork that goes along with an adoption, or those ten nervewracking days after the baby is born where the birth mother has the chance to change her mind. My friends, most likely, will never understand those emotions and feelings. That’s not to say that these friends haven’t been GREAT with me, listening and trying to understand and most importantly PRAYING for me, but they all have their own birth stories. When we go to this meeting in the fall, we will be with people that understand the feelings that we have been feeling. They will probably feel them just as deeply or deeper than Ken and me. This will be encouraging to my soul. What a day!


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