A burden lifted.


Today has been a very good day. Last week, I shared with you about our agency closing and how we were looking into going with our hometown agency. We finally were able to get in to see the woman who is in charge of the agency. Wow, it was so great explaining our struggles to her, just to be reassured that everything will work out. We talked with Mrs. Jane for about an hour as she explained her agency and we asked questions. Long story short, we DON’T have to start all over. Since our homestudy was already being done through their agency, we have technically already applied to the agency. Now, as soon as our homestudy is processed, we will be in the “active pool”, where birthmoms can pick us to be the parents to their baby. Both Ken and I were as relieved as we could be. As far as the fee we have lost, lawyers are now being involved and fees MIGHT be returned to us according the other agency. However, we are not going to sit around and wait on these fees before moving forward. It seems, after hearing a few horror stories, that we could have been out a LOT more than we were. We will pay 2500 dollars if God continues to bless our journey.

We also had our second homestudy tonight. It was more like an interview. Ken and I are very open and honest with each other, but these sessions cause us to be even more so. Tonight was focused on hard things in our marriage. Disagreements, communication, and such. We enjoyed the session, and we LOVE our caseworker Sandy. She also loves Tebow and Chloe which helps. 🙂 Next week is our third visit. After that, we will be in the processing stage. Even after small bumps in the road, God is good!


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