Well, they said this was going to happen.



Well. It’s happened. When we started this adoption process, so many people we knew that had been through the process warned us: “It’s not going to be easy, but just keep persevering.”  As we have gone through the last six months, we have come up on a few little speedbumps, but definitely nothing we couldn’t handle. We thought we were just blessed because this is what God wants us to do. 

Well, now, we have come up on another speedbump. Except, this time, it’s a bump that has completely derailed us. Well, if I am being honest, it has derailed me. Ken is much less stressed and worried than I am. It’s so weird, things I stress over completely, don’t bother him a bit. Things that I don’t see as a problem, Ken gets all worked up over. I guess that’s part of our great partnership. We balance each other completely. Anyway, back to the speedbump. As I wrote about on Wednesday, our agency has been forced to close its doors due to a Federal agency demanding it. Well, this put a question in our heads. Where do we go now? Well, we are already working with another agency for our homestudy so the obvious choice is to go with this hometown agency. Our homestudy case worker is wonderful and made us feel completely comfortable so it was an easy choice. Now, the hard part. The agency that we were working with, we had already had to pay a pretty great deal of money for an application fee. When I emailed the case worker up there this morning about getting the fees back, they said they weren’t able to refund this money. 

So now, we are basically back to square one. The money we have raised was such a help and a blessing, but now, we have to put that money up again at a different agency. My mom, the eternal optimist, (Notreally) reminded me that without the money we had raised, we would be that much more in debt. I know she’s right, but it is still discouraging. So right now, I am asking for you to pray for my spirit. Right now, it is broken. I know that all of this will work out exactly like it should. We can’t see the big picture, but God sure can. However, it doesn’t help me Earthly mind and spirit. My spirit hurts. Please pray for this MINOR(in the grand scheme of things) speedbump and for Ken and me. We thank you all for EVERYTHING you have done. Without you, we wouldn’t have even made it this far. 🙂 


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