With the good, comes the not so good.



Last week, I wrote about our upcoming home study. We had our visit from our home study agent, Sandra last Friday night. It went great! She is a huge Florida fan and animal lover, so our sweet Tebow really helped us out. 🙂 She asked us many questions, just getting to know Ken and me. She got some basic information about our house, and this included a tour of the house. She couldn’t believe the closet space. We quickly let her know that’s why we bought the house. All in all, everything went well. We have two things we have to get done, but both of these things will take about ten minutes combined. I think we can handle that.  

So here we are thinking life is great. We’ve got our homestudy process rolling, we are well on our way to being ready to accept a baby into our home. Then, this morning, I woke up to a bombshell. The agency that was doing our placement is closing due to a loss of accreditation from the Council of Accreditation due to adoptions in the Congo 3-4 years ago. Our agency was doing all that it could to fight this, but in the end, they couldn’t fight the Federal Government agency for adoption. Therefore, they are closing their doors. Wow. Where do we go from here? Well, they are transferring our case to an agency of their choosing OR we can choose our own agency to transfer to. Ken and I have a lot of praying to do. We can, of course, go with the agency that is doing our homestudy or we can go with the agency we are transferred to. The thing is, we don’t know which will be best. So now, we begin to pray. We pray fervently. We pray with intention. We also are asking you all to pray with us. This is a terrifying thing in our human, Earthly minds, but in God’s big picture, it is nothing. Not even a speed bump. If you will, I ask you to pray for my peace because I am the worrier. I ask you to pray for Ken to be able to put up with my worrying when I forget to pray and give it all to God. I ask that you pray for God’s will be done in this whole situation. Of course, it will be. Our God is so good, He takes care of problems before we even know these problems exist. My prayer right now is a prayer of thanks for God taking care of me when I need it. Thank you all for reading this and praying with us. 


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