Happy Father’s Day!: My 3 examples of what being a Father looks like.



Dear little one, 

     Tomorrow is Father’ Day. That means that today is the day when more neckties are sold than any other day. (I can’t wait to buy your Daddy a necktie with your picture all over it! 🙂 ) The definition of Father is ” A man in relation to his child or children.” Well, let me tell you that being a Father should mean so much more than that. Let me tell you what I think being a Father is by using three different examples. 

1. Growing up, I didn’t have a father. Instead, I had a Daddy. Your Standaddy is my Daddy. He was such a great example of what a real father looked like. He loves my Mama(Marmee) with all of his heart and it shows all of the time. He never wants to go anywhere where she isn’t going to be. He works hard and supports his family. Not only, did he support us financially, but he also always supported us spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically as well. He truly is the leader of his house. Another way he showed me what a father should be was his love. I have never known such selfless love as he has for me and for my Mama. Sometimes, his selfless love was a little over the top, like the time he was going to drive to Americus because there was a tornado going through and I was nervously waiting for it to pass. Thankfully, Marmee talked him into NOT driving to Americus telling him by the time he got there, the tornado would be gone anyway. Even now that I am grown and married, if I ever need ANYTHING, your Standaddy is the one that I call, because I know that he will do whatever he can to get it done. I am so thankful that he showed me EXACTLY what being a father should mean, just by being my Daddy. 

2. Sometimes people say that girls look for someone to marry who is just like their Daddy. I did the exact opposite. I love my Daddy more than anything, but your Daddy is so, so, so different from him in many ways. However, they do have some very key characteristics in common, which is how I know that your Daddy is going to be so great to you! Because of your Standaddy’s example of what a great father looks like, I could tell that your Daddy was going to be a great dad because he has so many of these qualities. For example, your Daddy loves his family and friends and is loyal to a fault. He goes above and beyond to support these people in his life. Really, I don’t think you could ask for a better friend than your Daddy. Besides being loyal to all of his family members, another characteristic your Daddy has that will make his a great Dad is he loves me to the moon and back. I couldn’t have asked to marry someone who cares more about me, is more considerate and loving towards me, and shows his love everyday to me than your Daddy. It was once said that “The most important thing a father can do for his children is to love their mother.” -Theodore Hesburg. I believe this with all of my heart. This is why I know you will have a great Daddy. If he shows this much love for me, even with all of my quirks and even when I say things WAY before I think about them, then I know EXACTLY how much love he is going to show to you! 

3. Now, we will get to the real reason both of these men are the men they are today. Both your Daddy and your Standaddy have an awesome example of how to be a father because of our Heavenly Father. God is the reason that both of them are able to offer unconditional love. Just imagine the love our God that is given to us. Do we deserve it? Nope, but He offers it to us because He is the ultimate Giver. God is our example of the forgiveness. On Earth, we mess up, we make other people mad. I can’t count the times I have made your Standaddy mad, and I probably have made your Daddy mad more times than that in the short five years I have known him. However, every time, they forgive me. They forgive me because they have an example of forgiveness from our God. Should we always be forgiven? Nope, but through his Grace and His Mercy, we are. So fathers on Earth forgive as well. I am thankful every day for my Daddy and for your Daddy, but I am even more thankful that they have come to know THEIR Father so well that now they have the ultimate example of how to be a father. 

Happy Father’s Day out there to all of you fathers. I pray today for you to realize what a tremendous impact you truly have, not only on your family, but society as well. Our society needs more fathers that realize the example of the Heavenly Father. I am truly thankful for all of the fathers in my life that have realized this. 


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