Good intentions.


“I was born inside of my mom’s heart.” 

Over the past few months, I have been bombarded by adoption pictures, adoption quotes, adoption birth announcement ideas, adoption tshirt sayings, and so much other stuff, mainly off Pinterest. Several friends have sent me some of the cutest ones, plus I follow all different types of adoption blogs and boards on Pinterest. There are so many cute, adorable ideas I have seen. My favorite is the announcement that says “SO worth the wait.” 🙂 

There’s one that I see SO much on onesies, and announcements, and prints to hang in the nursery among other things. These all say “I was born inside of my mom’s heart.” Y’all. That is such a sweet sentiment. I love to think about it. However, when I really start thinking about this quote, I think that even though the sentiment is right, the wording might be a little misconstrued. This quote, in my opinion, leaves out a very, very important part of the adoption. The baby was ACTUALLY born just like every other baby. A mother had to go through the most pain she has probably ever experienced in her life. She had to endure this for most likely hours and hours on in. Then, after the birthing process, she had to give the baby to the nurse, not knowing the fate of her or the baby. She had to recover in the hospital for a few days and sign papers to give her baby over to a family, who most likely is very loving, but she had only met them a couple of times. She did all of the work, but it doesn’t seem she is reaping any of the reward. Hopefully, one day she will realize she DID reap a reward by placing her child into that nurse’s arms and having her baby placed with a family that loves it just as her own, but right now, she is just exhausted by childbirth. 

This is why I don’t the quote “I was born inside of my mom’s heart.” is very accurate or if I am being honest(which I am because this is my blog), very fair. This baby was born through the natural birthing process. The quote might should have read, “I was born by my birthmother, but now I live inside of her heart and with another family that loves me just as if I was born naturally to them.”  I guess that might have been a little too long to put onto a onesie. 🙂 


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