Happy Mother’s Day! Part 1.



“Being a mother is learning about strengths you didn’t know you had, and dealing with fears you didn’t know existed.” -Linda Wooten

This Sunday, as we all know is Mother’s Day. This is such an important day in our country, a day when more flowers are sent than any other day, a day when so many good times are shared over a meal or at least a piece of cake, and a day when we all think about the Mother in our life. So many different types of mothers have been on my mind this week, so I thought I would share them. 

1. First and foremost, I have thought so many times and prayed for the mother of my child. Some people look at adoption as a way out. My way of thinking is that the birthmother of my child is going to have such a strong love for her child that she is going to be willing to not raise it herself. I believe that all adoptive birthmothers are completely unselfish people, that just like other mothers, they love unconditionally, even to the point that they are willing to hurt just so their child can have a life that they can’t give them. 

2. I have thought and prayed for all of those women that are longing to be mothers. Mother’s Day can be a hard time for someone who sees everyone seems to have children that call them Mama. All they want is the same. This pain can be overbearing, especially on days when Mothers are celebrated. I just want to remind all women out there that are in this place of John 16.33 that says, “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” Eventually, God’s plan will come to pass in your life. However, just know, I am praying for you as well. 

3. I have thought about and prayed for those Mothers who this is their first Mother’s Day or they are pregnant for the first time and will celebrate Mother’s Day with their baby still on the inside. What an awesome, exciting time in your life! I firmly believe that every Mother’s Day is special, but I really want you to enjoy this first one. After all, now, it’s all about you! (Make sure your husband remembers that!)

4. Lastly, one that has hit me hard this week are those who have lost their mother and will celebrate Mother’s day just remembering the times they had with them. I have two people especially that have been on my mind constantly because I know their day will be hard this weekend. Sometimes, life isn’t fair. Sometimes, you have the most amazing Mom in the world and you lose her. Thankfully, I haven’t had to experience this but I can only imagine the feelings you will feel. Just know, that I am praying for you too. Mother’s Day is about ALL mothers, so even if your Mom isn’t here with you physically, I KNOW that she will always be with you. I believe you will feel her with you too, so celebrate her! 

All of us have a mother in our life that deserves to be celebrated. This weekend, I ask you to do just that. Celebrate all the Moms out there, not just your mom. Also, if you think about it, just be in prayer for these different types of moms this week too. Mother’s Day is definitely a day of celebration, but there is also a lot of struggle on this day too. Just lift these up in prayer if you will this week. We all can use it! 🙂 


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