It’s more than a solution to a problem, it’s our plan.


 DISCLAIMER: Most of the time, when I blog, it is positive and upbeat. This one is not entirely that way. 

When, we decided that we wanted to have a baby, then we didn’t get pregnant, we made the conscious decision to adopt a child. Ken and I don’t look at this as a solution to a problem, but instead we truly feel that this is God’s plan for us in our life right now.

I am so excited to think of God working this great plan into our life. I am so excited to think about our baby and the day we get to bring our baby home. I am so excited to watch Ken become a Daddy. All of this is exciting, but I would be lying if I said I never think of things that I won’t have by not having a biological child. 

1. I won’t experience pregnancy. I know that child birth is not a walk in the park, but it is an experience that a lot of women go through. When my friends talk about how it feels to be pregnant, or talk about whether or not to have a natural birth, or talk about the feeling that they have when holding their child in their arms for the first time after they are born, I won’t have any input. 

2. I won’t ever be able to take those cute maternity pictures that you see on Pinterest. (Not naked belly pics) 

3.  I was kind of looking forward to being pregnant, so I could eat whatever I wanted and never feel guilty. I had planned in my mind to eat so many cupcakes when I got pregnant. Now, I will just have to eat as many cupcakes as I want not pregnant. 🙂 

4. Being a woman, I have been thinking about my children for years. Once Ken and I got married, I began to think about what our kids would be like, what they would look like, how they would act. One of the hard things/best things about adopting is that our child might not look ANYTHING like us. I mean, granted, our kid will be cute and awesome no matter what, but I loved imagining a cute little baby with curly,dark hair with a wide smile. Having said that, sometimes I think how great it will be that they won’t act like us. Let’s face it, if we had a child of our own, it might end up the most awkward, random kid in the world. Maybe we dodged a bullet? 🙂 

I think about all of these things when I think about my little one coming into my life. However, even with all of these things, Ken and I feel like this is exactly where we are supposed to be in life right now. Even with all of these things that won’t be happening, there will be so much that WILL be happening, including meeting the love of our life. We can’t wait! 


One thought on “It’s more than a solution to a problem, it’s our plan.

  1. Jessica Wylie

    Stace, your kid is going to be so awesome because it will be raised by you! I can’t wait to meet him/her!!!!

    (I did literally lol at the “not naked belly pics” comment.)


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