You might as well go ahead and understand….




Dear little one, 

    Tonight, your Daddy and I were putting together the STACK of papers that we have to turn in for our homestudy process. This included so. much. stuff. We have a whole file in our office on just adoption stuff. Things get serious when you want to adopt a baby. (I appreciate this of course because without all of this we wouldn’t be able to have you, but still, geez!) One of the things listed on the check off list to get done was our fingerprints with the FBI and another whole set for the GBI. When the time came to put the FBI fingerprints in the file, I couldn’t find them. I got your Daddy to start helping me look. We looked everywhere, in all of our drawers, underneath tables, even in the crack beside the refrigerator. We could not find them anywhere. Both of us were starting to get SO frustrated so we sat down to eat dinner. Before dinner, we prayed for you and for your birthmother like we always do, but I also included in the prayer to help us find these fingerprints. After dinner, we continued looking. I finally sat down to look over the checklist from the agency to see if there was anyway we could get another copy. As I was reading, I remembered. We had mailed the fingerprint cards off to be analyzed by the FBI. We have the receipt, we have the results of the fingerprints, but we didn’t have the fingerprint cards, because WE DIDN’T NEED THE FINGERPRINT CARDS. Ugh, we both were so relieved and frustrated with ourselves, all we could do was laugh.

I tell you all this to say this, you might as well get used to things like this from me. Hi, I am your mom. I am clumsy. (I have huge bruises on my knees right now from falling down at school the other day.) I am forgetful. (That’s why Daddy pays all of the bills.) I am absentminded. I often do too many things at once causing nothing to ever really get done. You’re probably going to realize one day that I am awkward and silly. You might(you will) even be embarrassed by me. But trust me when I say, I also love my own to a fault. Even on my most clumsy, forgetful, absentminded, awkward day, I will love you to the moon and back.(Which is a long way. I know because I am a Science teacher. 🙂 ) I already love you and I have never even met you!

Love your forever awkward Mama. 


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