Who are we?




For those of you that are wondering where we are in our actual adoption process, we are in the midst of a few things. We are working on getting everything done for our homestudy process. This includes getting our fingerprints done and analyzed by the FBI and the GBI, getting FULL physicals and bloodwork done, filling out tons of forms and making tons of copies. Basically, anything about your life that they can look into, they will. We’re also putting a profile book together, which is like putting together a scrapbook about our lives. My mom has helped out a lot with this one, seeing as how she is the one who takes all of our pictures. 🙂 The other thing that we are working on right now is completing three training sessions online. The 3 topics that are being covered in our training are: Open Adoption 101: The ins and outs of establishing a connection, Let’s talk adoption (about telling your child they are adopted), and Creating an Adoption Profile that works. 

Right now, we are in the middle of the course about creating our profile. This talks about ways to make sure that your profile book and your letter to the birthparents make a connection with them so that they will choose you to become their child’s parents. There are a lot of good ideas and new ways of thinking of making our book and writing our letter. One exercise that they encourage you to do is to think of a couple of characteristics of yourselves as a couple that might stand out to potential birthparent and make them feel a connection with you that will cause them to choose you. This was interesting for Ken and me. We have a lot of awesome traits about us so choosing just a few was hard. 😉 In the end, we narrowed it down to these: 1. We’re young. We feel like we have a lot to offer in the fact that we will be able to really connect and have fun in life with our children. 2. We love to travel. We enjoy going to new places and visiting our old favorites, like Savannah, St. Augustine, and of course Mexico Beach. We feel like birthparents will appreciate that we will be able to show their child so much through travel. 3. We’re family oriented and we also have big extended families that we like to spend as much time with as possible. we’re including this in our profile to show that we will love our child unconditionally, but so many other people will love this child as much. Our child will be surrounded by love at all times! 4. The last thing that we decided to include was that we are sports enthusiasts. We want to show this because this something that Ken and I are both completely passionate about. We won’t include that we are both passionate about two completely different teams! 🙂 Of course, there are so many other things that will already be included, like our faith and our love for each other, but these are what we are including as connection points, things that we might have in common with the birthparents of our future child. We know that no matter what we include in our profile, God’s hand will be involved in the birthparents of our child picking us. He already knows the plans that he has for our child and our child’s birthparents and for us. This is what gives us peace through this whole process. Oh, that and we are praying constantly. 🙂 Thanks to everyone else who has been praying for us as well. We feel your prayers!  Here’s a question you can answer, When you think of Ken and me what qualities do YOU think of? 


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