Anyone that knows me, knows that I LOVE birthdays. When I meet people, one of the first questions I will ask is “When is your birthday?” and I will never forget it. I love to celebrate birthdays and will always make a big deal of people’s birthdays, especially those I love. 

Today is one of my favorite birthdays of the year, the birthday of my Granddandy Floyd. He is one of the most important people in my life, and he might be the most influential person I have ever been around. He is wise, he is fun, he loves his family, but loves Jesus even more. It’s amazing to just be around him. When I think about him, and other people that are just as important in my life, I am excited for our baby even more. There are going to be so many people in its life that love, support, and well, spoil this baby. I can’t imagine a baby being surrounded by more awesome people than our families. This ESPECIALLY goes for my Granddandy. He’s been awesome as a granddad, so I know he will be an even more awesome great granddad. (If that’s possible) So, happy birthday Granddandy! We love you. 

Back to birthdays, I love others’ birthdays but I love my birthday and celebrating it just as much! By the way, my birthday is April 2nd, less than a month away, so prepare yourselves please. 🙂 This year, each time we celebrate something, whether it’s my birthday or Easter or Mother’s Day or Ken’s birthday, I find myself thinking, next time we celebrate this occasion, Ken and I could have a baby of our own that we will be celebrating with. This is an awesome thought. For this reason, Ken and I have decided to go ahead and celebrate our birthdays and anniversary this year in a BIG way(or as big of a way as the Hayes do, like a weekend with friends at Mexico Beach)seeing as how this might be the last time that we are celebrating as a couple. The next time we celebrate, we could be celebrating as a family. We both love the idea of this! 

Another thing that we are excited about is the birthday that will change our lives forever. We are looking forward to the birthday that we will definitely be celebrating for the rest of our lives. We are looking forward to the birthday of our little one. If I am this excited to celebrate my Granddandy’s birthday or the 30th birthday of my best friend this past December, how excited am I going to be to celebrate my baby’s birthday? Let’s face the honest truth, my kid’s birthdays are going to be off the chain. As much as birthdays mean to me, how could they not be? Will you join me in praying for our child’s birthday, the special day that we will be able to welcome the baby that we have prayed for into our lives and eventually in our home? That’s all that Ken and I could ever ask from all of you, is just your consistent prayer. We feel your prayers and appreciate them so much. 

“Whoever welcomes a child in my name welcomes me, and anyone who welcomes me welcomes also my Father who sent me.” Mark 9.37


6 thoughts on “Birthdays.


    Stacy, this is a beautifully written message about your excitement of the coming event. So happy for you both, make that happy for all three of you, and you have our prayers.

  2. I can’t imagine how off the chain the baby’s birthday will be. Lots of food, fun, and family for sure. And as Grandmama said once or twice (or a million) “We know how to have a arrrrrty”! Praying for that day.

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