A little about myself that I have learned from doing the Home Study.


For our homestudy, we have to answer lists and lists of questions. There are so many of them and a lot of them really get you thinking. I am going to include some of these questions here and some of my answers as well. Read my answers and then I challenge you to really think about what your answers would be like as well for these! Today, I am including the “Family” part of my autobiography. 


Autobiography of Stacy Hayes

  1. My family: I was born in raised in Thomasville, Georgia. My childhood home was a small, three bedroom house. We sold this house and moved to the home that my parents still live in when I was 12. My childhood home was right across the street from my aunt, uncle, and cousins. When we moved, my aunt, uncle and cousins all moved right next door to us. We also lived right behind my grandparents’ house. It was like a family commune. However, the house is not what makes the home. My family was my mom, my dad, and me. I was an only child, but growing up living so close to my two cousins, they became like a brother and sister to me. My dad is someone who is a very hard worker who provides for his family. Even being a hard worker, I know that he never missed one single thing that I did. He even was my softball coach for 11 years of my life. He is very competitive but that also means that he feels that everyone should always do their best, no matter what the situation. The most important thing that my dad did while I was growing up, was he put Jesus first in our household and he put my mom second. My dad absolutely adores my mom and vice versa. I am like my dad in the fact that I am constantly loyal to those that I love. No matter what differences he might have seen between himself and others in his family, his family is the number one priority. My dad is loyal to other things as well, such as his job, his volunteer jobs, his sports teams, and church. I like to think of myself as loyal like he is. My mom is about the most patient person I have ever known. She is the epitome of self sacrificing love. I can’t imagine a better example of what a parent/ child relationship would look like. Even during her hard times, my dad and I were always at the forefront of her mind. I often say that my mom is my biggest fan and I mean it. She supports me in everything I do. I am like my mom in the manner in which I care for people and have a heart for others, especially children. My mom was a teacher for thirty one years and loved every minute of it. She taught me what a passion is, and I think I might have inherited it. I also grew up very close with both sets of my grandparents. I lived behind my dad’s parents from the time I was twelve on. We had so many good times together. They used to take me on trips every summer, we always had a beach trip on Labor Day, and just good times at their house. My mom’s parents moved back to Thomasville from Washington DC two months after I was born. We have had a connection ever since. I spent many Friday nights spending the night at their house. Anytime we went out to eat, or went anywhere for that matter I always wanted them to be invited to come. My Granddaddy Floyd is probably the most influential person in my life. He is so wise, spiritually and intellectually. I have been blessed to be raised so close to him and all of the rest of my grandparents as well. I also spent 27 years of my life with his mom, my great grandmother in my life. She was very close to me, more like a grandmother than a great grandmother. She died this past January, but I like to think that her spirit of joy lives on in me. She always made good situations out of bad, and I hope to always take that with me. I have a huge extended family as well that I am very close to. I spend as much time as possible with my aunts and uncles, cousins, second cousins, great aunts, great uncles, and just close family friends as I can. We spend every holiday surrounded by family and love. I have to say that I had the most perfect childhood growing up surrounded by these people. 

More to come! (Once I figure out how I am going to answer them myself.) Image


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