If you happen to be wondering why I haven’t posted lately, there are a couple of very good reasons. The main reason is shown in this picture. These are the forms that we are working on(and will be working on for a while) to get our homestudy completed. This process will take a few months to get through, but once we get through it, we will have a lot of the paper trail behind us which will be awesome!

Ken and I looked over his vacation schedule today to see when he will have time off this year. Two days he has off are around Thanksgiving and we were talking about how we might could go visit his dad and stepmom during this time, but then Ken reminded me; We might have a baby by then! I am not putting a time limit on this adoption and that might be rather quick but it could happen. This made both of us SO excited to think about. Ken’s quote was “I was at a ten on the scale of being excited, but that just made me an 11.” So thankful for a husband that is just as involved on this journey as I am, and just as excited!

If you will, please pray for us as we trudge through the “boring” stuff like paper work. We are praying that we remember that at the end of all of this paper work and “hurry up and wait” will be the best thing that has ever happened to either one of us.


One thought on “Buried.

  1. Kim Hayes

    We would love to have you visit at Thanksgiving, but we trust that God will plan the right time for the Hayes baby to arrive. Love y’all!

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