You are being watched.


DISCLAIMER: If you are here to read about the adoption of sweet baby Hayes, today is not your day. This is a blog that has just been laid on my heart.

Whenever I started writing this blog, I mentioned that I have had an easy life. The hardest trial I have ever have ever been through is not being able to have a baby. This was not public knowledge, so no one really knew that Ken and I were struggling on the inside. However, when you go through trials of any kind, people are watching you. They are watching how you deal with these crisis situations. They are seeing you make the choice, will you be miserable or will minister to others through your hard times?

This past week, I have witnessed a trial, second hand, but it still impacted me.  A few weeks ago, when I wrote about priorities, I told you about my friend, Dee, who is always there when I need support or a prayers. Just a few weeks ago, after a particularly hard parent conference, where I ended up very upset, Dee told me she had been praying for me during the whole thing. Later that evening, she texted me a passage of scripture from her bible study that had reminded her of me. She is just that kind of person and a great friend to me. Sunday night, Dee’s parents and friends were on their way back from Valdosta when they came upon a wreck. Dee’s mom, Mrs. Marty, was a nurse. They stopped to see if they could help the victims. While Mrs. Marty was tending to the victim, another semi came up on the wreck and hit the vehicle where Mrs. Marty was helping. She and the already injured person in the other car were killed. It was tragic. It was heartbreaking. After talking to Dee on Sunday night after it happened all I could do was fall on my knees before my all knowing, all loving God.

This week, I have been totally amazed at the events surrounding Mrs. Marty’s death. Her family has chosen during this extremely hard time in all of their lives to be a minister to others instead of turning inside of themselves and becoming miserable. The most amazing thing has happened because of their ministry of love. Last night, at the visitation, the family of the other victim, Mr. Patel, came to show their appreciation to Mrs. Marty and also Mr. Dana, Dee’s dad for all that they did for their family at the site of the accident. While there, Mr. Patel’s family was loved on and prayed for by more of Dee’s family and friends. By the end of the night, the love and grace of God that had been shown to these people, these strangers that met so tragically, came through. They accepted Jesus as their savior and Lord right there at the visitation!  Dee was so excited to share this. When we talked about it this morning, before the funeral, she said “My mama is saving lives even when she isn’t here.”

Wow. What a challenge. This week has been emotional, but I think the hardest thing of this week is thinking, “When trials come my way, will I minister to others around me or will I become miserable?” As a Christian, this is truly what we are called to do. We are called to lead people to Christ. The end. No matter what. No matter what emotion we might be feeling. It was hard for me not to get wrapped up in my own emotions when I wasn’t able to have a baby right away, but seeing how much we can minister through our trials this week, I now see that it is important to continue showing Christ, even when things get hard.

There are SO many things that I could ask you to pray for this week, but I think I will just stick with two. First, I ask you to pray for my sweet friend, Dee and her family. She is the type of person that when she says she is going to pray for you, she does it. We can give that back to her and her family this week. Another thing I want to ask you to pray for, is yourself. If you are a Jesus follower, pray that even when things aren’t going your way, you still are able to give glory to Him and lead others to Him as well. Be a minister in your own right. 🙂


3 thoughts on “You are being watched.

  1. Deborah Fiveash

    What a wonderful witness. I’m praying for Dee and her family. Also, praying for y’all and the mother and baby that are out there for y’all.

  2. Leah Kornegay

    This is so true, Stacy! I have been thinking this same thing all week. How easy it is for us all to get bogged down in our own trials or even in petty everyday situations. We often miss the opportunity to show God’s love through those situations. God’s grace is so merciful! He has all of our situations in his hands. All he wants us to do is praise him through them, because the battles have already been won. I was shown a little over a year ago how these tough trials can turn into a great testimonies if we let them. I believe you are to going to have a great testimony to help so many other women going through the same process! Dee is an inspiration to so many of us! Her situation is heartbreaking! However, I have been amazed at her family’s strong faith this week. It has really been an eye opener for me to stop worrying so much about the little things, because I am missing out on a great opportunity to share his love with others.

    • Stacy, This is so true. It is so easy to become consumed with our circumstances that we forget the trials others are going through. I think infertility and the adoption process do have a way of taking over our thoughts, moods, and feelings. When we become involved in the lives of others and appreciate all the many blessings we have and turn our focus toward the Lord, He is able to open our hearts to the world going on around us and what we can do for others. When you least expect it, and are caught up in the little joys of just everyday living, God steps in at just the right time and your cup will run over with with blessings like you have never expected. Always praying! Carole

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