It’s weird how your perspective on things changes as your life changes. When I was younger, I never cleaned my room. Now, my whole house is pretty much always clutter free. My way of thinking has changed. I have always been pro-life, as I am pretty much as Republican as you can get socially. However, since Ken and I have started going down the adoption road, my thoughts have completely changed, only to be strengthened in the fact that I am, in fact, VERY pro-life. 

Ever since starting thinking about adopting, twins have been laid on my heart. For some reason, when I fill out paper work, or look at an agency’s website, or talk to Ken, or even when I blog, I have been thinking about the adoption of twins. I don’t know where that will lead, if we will end up with twins or not, but I know that our baby(or babies) is already being prayed for by so many people! 

Thinking about twins, I happened upon this article the other day. When I clicked on the link and started reading, I was sickened. Then, I got to the part about the woman having twins. I had to catch my breath. This woman is aborting twins at 20 weeks along, halfway through her pregnancy, because “she already had two children” and I am praying for a baby and twins are being laid on my heart. Why? 

I believe the answer to this question is perspective. This woman and I have a completely different perspective on things, obviously. Anyone who can look at a 20 week pregnancy and not see the blessing and the miracle and the opportunity that they have in life, has a completely different perspective on life than I do. When I look at her and think about her decision, I think “Why couldn’t that have been me?”. My decision would have been MUCH better than hers. In the end, the reason why, is because it was her decision to make, not mine. 

“Whoever welcomes a child in my name welcomes me, and anyone who welcomes me welcomes also my Father who sent me.” Mark 9.37 (This verse had a little different perspective now to it, doesn’t it? 😉 )


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