Where my heart is.



I haven’t blogged since last Wednesday when I blogged about my priorities. One of the things that came BEFORE blogging that day was visiting my Grandma Floyd. I sure am glad I put that first on that day because that was the last time I would get to tell her goodbye. I haven’t been on to blog since then because on Friday, January 31st, my Grandma Floyd went on to Heaven to continue praising her Savior for ten thousand years and forevermore. Over the past couple of days, I have tried to spend as much time as possible with my family as we have all gathered over at Grandma’s house, eating most meals over there and welcoming all kinds of visitors! Yesterday was the visitation. I have told so many people that the best part of all of this was hearing how Grandma had touched so many lives. We loved her of course because she was our Grandma. Everyone else loved her because she was just so lovable. Everyone she met was special to her. She had this uncanny gift of making everyone feel like family. We will miss her but she lives on in every single one of us.

The past month or so, she hasn’t been completely lucid the entire time, but after Ken and I announced our adoption journey, my mom and dad got to tell Grandma the news. They were heading over to see her right after we told them. She completely understood what they were saying, even telling my mom that we were going to make her a great GREAT grandma. When Mama was leaving, she told Mama that she was going to lay in her bed and look at that picture and think of Ken and Stacy’s baby. It was a baby picture of me. 🙂 Even though she wasn’t completely clear all of the time, she was clear in that moment. She was so excited. I know she would have loved to be here to see it actually happen, however, I know that she will be here whenever it does happen. She will be with us through it all! At the visitation yesterday, one of the best things that I heard was Grandma’s best friend Dotty told me how excited Sarah Annie was to tell her about our adopting a baby. Even as sick as she was, she was still bragging about us to her friends. That’s how I know my Grandma Floyd will never leave me.

Please be in prayer for my family today as we go through the funeral. It will be a sad time for us, but also a celebration of a life so well lived. Grandma made life so good, so fun, even when things are bad. That is how we are honoring her this weekend. Even in bad situations, the Floyd family can have a good time! Thanks for your prayers.


2 thoughts on “Where my heart is.

  1. Rose Marie Robbins

    Sarah Annie was one of a kind—the best!
    This is such a special blog. I am happy to know about your plans for adoption as I was adopted. I can seeSarah Annie smile at the thought of you being a mother. She was so proud of you.
    The celebration of her life today was just what she would have wanted. The songs & speakers personified her to a T.

  2. Michelle Rainey Sturgess

    I will certainly be praying for you and your family! Sarah Annie will surely be missed but what a legacy she left! Prayers also for you on your adoption journey!

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